Monday, June 29, 2009


Wow. Why is everything so boring?? I normally post like, 5 posts a day but the last time I posted other than this was a week ago. Oh, but there is something.
Shoffocake. has admitted to being a girl named Sarah.
She said she was with Cori. And then she got banned from Animal-Lovers.
Read Shoffocake.'s presentation.
Okay, I never thought I'd get so bored I'd ask you this;;
Could you join my clubs?
2 are roleplaying (StardollCollege and SDHigh) and one is about this blog. (StardollsFaker). It would be great if you joined.

P.S: Like my new banner? Comments? I made that too :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Official Faker Club!

There is now an official Faker Club!!
It is called StardollsFaker.
It is owned by me, I hope to see you there.

xoxo Jessica


Want to advertise your blog, magazine, stardoll page, sale or club??
Okay, I wouldn't claim this idea as my own, but, I think it'll be good if we advertise.
Well, it is not exactly free.................All you need to do is vote me covergirl.
So, I guess it is free.
Just make a small picture advertising what you want.
Upload it to, or and in comments post the link to the picture, the link you want it to go to when people click and your username so I can message you if it was accepted to go on the blog.
Start making and voting!

xoxo Jessica

Friday, June 26, 2009

New Shop!

Well, I was looking through the shops and I found a new store at the bottom of the list.
It is called BASICS.
I am in love.
This store is GREAT!
It is my new favorite store.
They have EVERYTHING (Everything in clothes that is)
And, they are all 5 stardollars or under, so you can buy with your play and earn!
Can't be stuffed takin' screenshots atm.
Maybe later I'll come back and edit.

xoxo Jessica

I will make banners. For free.

Well, I know my banner may not be that appealing for you to want one, but, I have made banners for two other people and I made the header for the blog that you see up there.
My banner was the first one I made and when I tried to fill bucket, it made the hair go all weird and I was too scared to use the clone tool. But now I have worked with it and yesterday I had a HUGE play around with graphics as I was banned from the internet, and, the day before yesterday I asked the wonderful PerezStarGossip writer, Diva_Always aka Dee, If she wanted one. Here was her response:
(Click to Enlarge)

So, I made her a banner, and mind you, its WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better than mine. Here it is:I have also made pinkangel48, a writer for this blog, a banner which you also may like to see. I didn't really know how to use the program that good when I made this one either, but here it is:
I have to say, the header and Dee's banner are the best pieces of work I have ever done.
Toodalou for now.

xoxo Jessica

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Should I change my username?

Well, I've been thinking about it for a while. Should I change my username?? I have made a decision....................I've messaged stardoll with some completely fake thing to why I wanna change my username. But, it's not to late YET, you can always stop me. Here is the poll of what I should change my username to or if you dont want me to change it:

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I love youtube.

I love it so much I wish I could hug it. This video is so funny:


xoxo Jessica


LMFAO! This vid is hilarious:

xoxo Jessica

I love you

Its true :P

(Not really, just bored)

First Picture From Blog Photoshoot

Well, the first picture from the blog photoshoot is here. It features me underwater fully clothed next to clown fish. It's not that good, but here it is:

xoxo Jessica

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Banner!

Yeah, Well, I have a new banner. I made it ALL by myself :)
I'm proud of me.
Plus, we also have a new header as you can see!
That fabulous piece of work was made by the wonderful fonanda1001!
I will make banners for other people, request me and I'll do one.
Any comments on the banner and the header??

xoxo Jessica Schmessica

Naked Medolls.

I like to laugh my ass off at crazy things.
Now THIS is hilarious!lmfao! What's next??? Medoll Strip Clubs?? Oh, I forgot...........Thats already been next.
I found this out from an animal-lovers topic by wenderz-22. Thanks for making my day girlfriend!

P.S To celebrate the stardoll water theme, blog photoshoot. It will be me and some other people.
(Ask in comments with your username)

xoxo Jessica Schmessica

The Chronicles of Elizabeth

Ok, well, only a few know my talent of writing. So, Here goes. I think.

Sarah woke up on a cloudy, Monday morning. She glanced at her alarm clock with her eyes half-open, only just reading the time.
Five fifty. Perfect. She ran straight to her bathroom and unraveled her hair-dryer cord that lay on her bathroom sink. She plugged it in and pointed it at her head. Today, she HAD to fake sick. Mr. Donaldson had been raping her for the past week but she had been to scared to tell anyone. He would look down her shirt and pretend it was accidental. Other times he would 'Trip Over' near her and his head would fall under her skirt, while he stared at her lacy see-through underpants. When that happened, she went and bought white cotton boy shorts. She always hated him, and now she just wanted to sink him into a pool of hot lava.
She made her forehead feel warm, burning up warm. She watched the clock every second and the moment the hand moved to 6, she unplugged the hair dryer and put it in the cupboard. She sprinted to her room and put her head under the covers.
"Sarebear, wakey wakey!" Her little sister Mallory screamed from her bedroom down the hallway.
Sarah grumbled.
"Sarah, it's time to get up" another voice said. It was her older sister Madelyn.
"I don't feel good Maddy and Mallory." Sarah faked, sounding unbelievably real.
"SARAH! GET UP!" Screamed Mallory.
"MAL! SHUT UP!" Madelyn screamed in Mallory's ear.

Part 2 coming soon. Yeah, I know that bit is REALLY pissy, but I can't be stuffed to write more.

Part 2 will come on "" VERY soon, when the dumb domain name FINALLY works. Its so annoying. My friend Lily set it up for me, and for some reason, I can't go on it wheras the whole world can. Better start figuring that out.

xoxo Jessica Schmessica

Monday, June 22, 2009


Nothing to write about. Except haters. Boooo. You suck. Now, Lets take a look of "Spongebob the nudist" xD

And the reward of the most boring person goes to........

Congratulations! You have earned the Faker award of the most boring person on stardoll!
Here's a little thing I made ya for your efforts:
Don't worry, babes. I still love ya, mah fellow SLUT HO!!!!!!! WOO! GO US!

xxx Jessica Schmessica

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Banner! + AnnieBamBam is...

{as made by bizz97}
do you like? :]


Ok there has been some one going around saying mean shit about bambam12795.
The poser is like
"BlllllllTCH She's all like
Annie was like "Wtf?"
ok later Babybluemegirl confessed it was her doing the "insulting" Lyssa/Megg (Utada.Hikaru) was in it too.

~ Pinkangel48


According to a loser in Animal-Lovers, Robert Pattinson is dead. I didn't really believe it, but, as a freak, I googled it. And, guess what??? Today was the day Robert Pattinson died............................

No, losers, I'm joking. He DID get hit by a car yesterday though.
He was being chased by mad fans. He ran away from them and got hit at the hip. Here are some pictures before he got hit:
The article I read said that he 'Appeared Stunned'. It also said that the bodyguards checked him to see if he was OK and then shouted at the girls: "You see what you did, you almost killed him!"

xoxo Jessica Schmessica

(Pictures and info from

Friday, June 19, 2009


Apparently my medoll looks like a feral. Thats because I'm bagging the shit out of that dumb, stupid, boring fringed hair. But, I looked at it for a while, and realized it does kind of. The hair was too long and it looked like she had severe, dry, regrowth. So, I tried on ALL the new hairstyles and saw that the fringe looks best on me. And, it looks pretty cool on me too. Alot of people are chucking it on and making them look ugly, but, a little re-coordinating of the shades, it looked perfect. I think that the fringe hair looks a little like my kindergarten enemy's hairstyle, but, oh well.

xoxo Jessica Schmessica

I told you so.

Yes, the ever-boring mcra is back. No one realized until she replied to a topic. That's because don't give a fuck if she stays or goes. Here is the topic that proves the bore is back:
*Yawn* Boring.

xoxo Jessica Schmessica

Free Dress and Sunglasses!

Yes, stardoll have blessed us with great free stuff. All you need to do is go to starplaza, go to "New" and on the first page will be a pair of sunglasses for free which should look like this:
If you are too dumb to find them, here is a map:

And the dress, you just turn the page and will find a dress that looks like this:
Now obviously I don't have to show you a map how to do that, unless you are completely retarded. If you are retarded, go to another blog to get your dress.

xoxo Jessica Schmessica

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Hairstyles!

Yes, well, there is new hairstyles. And Sexy ones at that. Now, I made this post really to ask what you think of my new hairstyle. Now, I know it seems that ALREADY that fringed hair is over-used. I was gonna put it on my medoll, but, until I saw that half of my BFF's list was wearing it, I was like, "Uhhhhh.........." and I quickly went STRAIGHT back to the medoll editor and put on this simply divine hair:
So, what do you think?? Strangely, this hair is the sexiest out of the lot. I don't know why, but, I'd DEFIANTLY have that hair in real life. I think it would look SEXY on me :)

Oh, and, should I keep the shutter shades?? I know they are the trends right now, but, I don't find them as great as people make out. First, I can't see wearing them. Second, They look stupid.......sorta. But still look sexy. Comment with your answer!

xxx Jessica Schmessica

new hairstyles!!!

what do you think?
do you like them?
wearing them?
hate em?

im wearing the top right one
I hate the long one with the fringe >:P
the other are ok

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mike is Alexis.

Well, the whore hot.boy01 admitted to me that he was a girl, that calls herself Alexis because she isn't allowed to tell her real name. I wish I could show you proof, but that stupid system stardoll has installed means that it deletes all your old messages in chat when the recipient receives them. But here's PART of the 'Alexis' convo:

« I know your little secret
« I know your little secret
« Alexis, what a pretty name. I'm jealous.
» tilly579 is abusing the shxt out of me for it
» and, um, alexis isnt my name. i use it for privacy. im not allowed to use my real name
« :O So you ARE a girl?
» yuppers
« I am like, rolling on the floor laughing
» lol
» im being extremely entertained by peoples reactions
» im being extremely entertained by peoples reactions
« :O
« Im scared
» you shouldnt be
« Haha
« Haha
« .....
« *Dies*
Yeah, he/she was flirting with me if you read it CLOSELY. I hate posers.
Here is the topic I made on 'Alexis' in Animal-Lovers:UPDATE: 'Alexis' has apologized and said that it was 'his' sister named Alexis on 'his' account. Do we believe him??? Nope. Quit it Alexis and just tell the truth. Like you already have to me and a few other people.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

OMG! stardoll shutter shades & new swimmers! :D

cool!!! I love these new clothes and glasses!
The shutter shades have been a new trend to have atm in A-L
some buy them coz there 'now', like me some buy them coz they just love the glasses and some just don't buy them coz they don't like trends or they think there ugly. (yeh like the ones they have a better >:P) I bought the whole set lol.

New one piece swimmers!
finally now we can parade around in skimpy bikini's (sp?) in our suites. :P
they look like Hb worthy too pretty ;]