Friday, December 10, 2010


Well, as a few people have heard, my back up account which wasn't completely rubbish, chic-of-aus, also got deleted for no reason what so ever. Now I'm jessay3, but I'll barely be on anymore. Here are the three main reasons:
1. I am on a mission to get off my fat ass and get my life back.
2. Most of the people I used to talk to have left stardoll, and now most of the people are 'scene' and completely up themselves.
3. Stardoll staff have something against me.

This wont be the last you've heard from me. I'll be on occasionally to check the blog and so on, and yeah. You can follow me on twitter,, or add me as a friend on my soon-to-be-set-up stardoll facebook, which I'll post a link to later.

'Til next time,
xx Jessay