Friday, July 31, 2009

Birthday Party Reminder


Hai Guys... Its katherine and yes my b-day is coming up. So I thought I would celebrate with my closest of stardoll friends. I have only had 1 person RSVP. So thats not good. If you don't RSVP unfortunately you won't be able to enter...

SO it starts at 12:00am GMT... But can i please ask for people to be there 10 mins early so i can check you off the list (to do this just send me a friend request or message sayin that you have arrived)

Dress Code: Well Formal.... But not buisness suit formal... (If you know what I mean) Like i always look formal but very stylish.. There WILL be a best and worst dressed list and Bargainers List.. ( Meaning try to spend the less amount of money on your clothing) Like at the last party someone wore free things so they won that! (Please don't wear FREE things)

Thanks Alot...
OHHH here's your invite..


xoxo :P

Thursday, July 30, 2009




Stardoll has made a mistake on the golden shoes... They are now free..... FOR ALL SUPERSTARS

Hurry!!! though... .they will notcie soon... check it out...


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Birthday MWAH!


Hey guys....
Katherine9870 here...

Sorry i havn't been posting in a while.... THERE'S A NEW PARTY COMING UP!

Here's your invite....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Banner!

And it's ALL copyrighted to me! I made the hair this time! Wee! Like the shiny lips??

Would you pay money for one like this??

Lol, probs not.

xxx Jessica

Friday, July 24, 2009

New ad, you can't miss it!

Saw it on TV for the phone company, Orange. Extremly funny,

Makeover for Hunnigall

Do you like the makeover? Post back your comments.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

MizzTaylor567 Makeover!

When was it better? Before or after? Say in comments!

xxx Jessica xxx

New Theme!

If you haven't noticed, we have a new theme! I decided the blog was a little under-coloured so I added colour to it. You likey??

xxx Jessiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiica

New Chat Box/Makeovers!

Okay, well if you haven't noticed we have a new chat box.

I'd also like to mention that we are now doing makeovers! We would really like your opinions on that as well :)

I'd like all the writers to do atleast one a week.


xxx Jessica

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Word Of Warning

Ok, after 18.45 Uk time, the servers on Stardoll go down untill very late at night, until the next day, or when Stardoll Admin bother themselves to log on to fix the site. Also, please DO NOT SIGN IN AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE OR ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!! I think Stardoll may have been hacked, so please don't sign in, because they might take your account. Has this happened to anyone else? So, please finish your business on Stardoll UK before 18.45 or 6.45 PM. Thank you.

Coco Chanel Movie!

The Coco Chanel movie is called "Coco avant Chanel" or "Coco before Chanel".

Basically, it tells us what her life was like before she became "Coco Chanel". Will you be watching?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lady Gaga Mania!

Hey Katherine here!!!

Lady gaga mania has also hit stardoll.... I went to her concert not so long ago and it was awesome!!! LOL... So I thought I'd show you the Lady Gaga range on stardoll.... And how it looks on a regular stardoll... I tried out three or four outfits........

The hair....

Lady Gaga: Ver1:

My stardoll: Ver 1:

Lady Gaga: Ver2:

My Stardoll: Ver 2:

Lady Gaga: Ver 3:

My Stardoll: Ver 3:

Instead of the glasses you could try:


Thought I'd repost this.........

(Click to Enlarge)

Click here to convert to your timezone


It hasn't been this boring since 1800.

Come On!


Okay, I'm off to the Post Office to pick up my subscription of WHO magazine.

Ta Ta.



Sunday, July 19, 2009

Reduce re-use and yes recycle....


Hi guys... Katherine Here.... There is sooo much to talk about...

Reduce, re-use and yes recycle:
Ok, you hear supermarkets, celebs and so many more people telling you to reduce re-use and recycle. But what I went and found out was if people really bought the re-usable bags and weather they took them to the supermarket after...

It turned out on the day I stood outside my local supermarket and conducted a survey only 15% of shoppers were using there re-usable bags! That is SHOCKING! The other 85% had either forgotten their bags or couln't bother buying any! Sooo please use those re-usable bags!
They are not as harmful to our environment as our plastic bags... Think about it this way. What if in 50 years time... There were no people. No cars. No land. No animals. And you were the only person left. How would you feel? You would have wished you'd made a difference wouldn't you?

Cloe or Chloe?
Stardoll makes a mistake? Its not the first time... Today when I went bargain hunting at the starplaza guess what I noticed? Well not only the NEW clothes but the spelling mistake stardoll admin had made! Its not the first time and it wont be the last... It looks like the spelt
Chloe <-- Not like this but like thie --> Cloe! Here have a look...
Ask Katherine9870:
I'm not sure if you've forgotten or just havn't heard, but there is a new advice column called:
Ask Katherine9870... Whether you have a fashion problem... or just need tips. I'd be happy to help. Just e-mail:
Thanks! :P

Rip off or Deal?
Soon I'll be testing skin care products and to analyse how good they really are. And are they cost affective... At the moment I am testing the Garnier 3in1. A mask, a scrub and a wash...
More about that soon....

New Starpoints Hair?
I'm not sure if it is new or I just have never taken notice... But I was wanting to give my stardoll a new look and whilst I was looking for the hair of my dreams I noticed this:
Is it new or not?

Next Faker Party:
As JKAT1 announced there is another Faker party happening. Havn't heard? Then here's you're invite:
Also.... my birthday is coming up soon. So I thought we could celebrate.. .More about it through out the weeks...

Thats all for now if anything Else occurs.... I'll add it in

Toodles :P

Free MKA Clothing!

Do you want a piece of RARE MKA? Just follow these tips! Go to your me- doll, then click size setting number 3, the largest one. Then go to Starplaza & search for trousers in Stardoll GIRLS.

Go to the second page. Buy the Stardoll Girls Skinny Jeans that are a grey tweed jacket. Go to your suite. There you go, MKA clothing which is EXCEPTIONALLY RARE! There you go, my friends :)

You're Invited!

© By JKAT1

Special Edition Guitars ♥

Has anyone seen the Special Edition Guitars from  Evil Panda? They cost $25 to $50 per guitar and are superstar only. First & Second pictures $25, Third & Fourth pictures, $50. Pictures Below:


spg3 spg4

Best Scenery Today! ♥

Lately, I’ve been looking at the top 5 scenery’s that were picked that day. Today’s Scenery was “Fantasy Land” by marliw. Here it is: marliw

Which comp?

We are currently undergoing some issues with the lack of views on this blog... So please tell ur friends!! Thanks


We are stuck between 2:

A story writing comp

Or a beauty Pagent???

Which do u prefer??

Comment PLEASE!!



Saturday, July 18, 2009

You're Invited!

(Click To Enlarge)

To convert the time to your timezone click here

Back-up account.

I have made a back-up account because a whore named kantea decided that she'd report me because I said `Sexay'.
How pathetic is that.
Since I have been warned by stardoll MANY MANY MANY times before if I swore again I'd be deleted, so I made a backup account called Neonical xD
Add me on that as well as JKAT1 because JKAT1 could be gone ANY second now.

xxx Jessica The Whore Hater


Lets Have a Look at our winners this Week:


Congratulations...... VirtualHigh

This club is by far the best Virtual Highschool on Stardoll! Be active as there are only a few ACTIVE members.


Katherine9870 & JKAT1

BTW JKAT1 came up with all competition ideas!

Club Of The Month

I'm happy to announce the club of the month. This month it goes to...................


I have to say it is the BEST Virtual Highschool on stardoll!

Please join this club and be active!

The owner really deserves it as there now is only a few active members.

xxx Jessica


Hi everyone! Did you hear? We have a new person on our team! So welcome...

Anyways this morning I was looking around stardoll for something to do... So I decided to create some HOT superstar and no superstar outfits....

Here's one of the superstars:

I like this one! Unfortunately I cannot buy it! :( Its very formal. But still if you get what I mean when i say 'Fun'. I'm not sure if the bag suits but It was one of the few that matched... If you really like this but want to add something then you HAVE to ask me! :) !!! JOKES

This is one of the vibrant non-superstar ones:


Unfortunately I couldn't find a non-superstar Apricot bag. (There is one at basics) Otherwise this is really cool... And Remember non-superstars you get the opportunity for 6stardollars a day. But.... When you play games... Earn ALL five stardollars and then go shopping? Why? Well I dont know!:) Also the money doesn't go in your purse so you have to spend it within the 15hrs you earned the coins!

Here is a more classy non-superstar outfit:


I like this... It is very plain and classy. The only thing that is missing is beige cardigan or jacket! i had this problem yesterday at the party! I had this outit on and couldn't find a non-superstar beige jacket:( But I changed it around and Guess what? I got into best dressed....

Sorry supestars I don't have a classy outfit... (It's coming soon though)

Hope you like them.... And please comment


Hii ♥

Hii ♥ This is my very first Post on Stardoll's Faker, So I'm So I'm just wanting to say Hii :). Do You Like My New banner? Newly Photoshopped. :) Anyway, has anybody noticed the new banners for the 3 main characters in Harry Potter?

The Emma Watson & Rupert Grint Dressup & Advertisements are fine, but what is up with Daniel Radcliffe's? Does stardoll not know he has had other acting roles but Harry Potter?!? They even put in Dobby the Goblin & a broomstick! Plus all these Harry Potter clothing? I think Stardoll needs a more magical up to date touch with their dressups.