Monday, August 31, 2009

Marked - House Of Night - Book Review

House Of Night Series.

Marked is a vampire, or, in this case, vampyre, book for teens.
It is about 16-year-old Zoey, who is marked by a vampyre.
She has to go and live at The House Of Night, which her and her human friends call the vampyre finishing school.
She meets the snobby and slutty Aphrodite, whom she finds on her first entry to the school trying to give the gorgeous Erik a blow job, who makes her first days of her life at the academy, hell.
But everyone, including Aphrodite, can't take her eyes off Zoey's mysterious mark........................


Ello, and Welcome Aboard Zoe :) I hope you have a great Time writing at Stardoll's Faker.
So, did you hear about Tyler's new blog? After his mess of Tyler's Top Trends, he's decided, yet again, that opening another blog is a good idea. Not that I disagree. Yet. The Stardoll Freakshow is a place where Tyler will be advertising some new magazines.
I'm adding some new features. Song of the day & Outfit of the week.
Starting Today.
So : Here's the song of the Day

Outfit of the Day:
Xx, BeccaXD

OMG! It's a NEW Writer!!!!

Sorry...just had to do that with the title, you see I like to make my post's sound interesting. (It's not really that interesting lol) I wanna make you read on in my post and I will try my best to make it more exciting.

Btw, I'm Zoe but you can call me Z, Zed or ZiB!

I hope you enjoy reading my posts :)

Z xoxo

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hot Buys Shirt :P

Thanks for the banner Jessica :) Anywho, I woke up around 2.30 am this morning and the first thing I saw was the radiator. My mum's tee-shirt was on it. It looked exactly like the Hot Buys Shirt, with out the "Batman" sleeves. It's a Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt, short sleeves, green with black stripes. You can google it, becuase I can't find it XD

xx, BeccaXD

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I was bored.

Well, this morning I was bored so I did a graphic. It isn't that good, though.
And then later on I got bored again, so, I made Becca a banner. I was gonna make Anna one but couldn't be stuffed.

Yeah, You don't have to use it. It was just a boredom buster :D

And It's not that good, either.

So, yeah.



I am holding a covergirl raffle! Everyone that votes me and puts in my guestbook that they voted will automatically be in the raffle. There are a few rules, though.

1. Unlike all the other raffles, you CAN make other accounts and vote and write in my guestbook. More chance of me winning and more chance of you at the raffle :)

2. You MUST vote me covergirl.

1. Superstar for a month (I am unable to get codes. Add me on MSN at and I'll explain how I will make you superstar)
2. Guest writer for a month
3. A superstar gift of your choice

And I guess that's it.



Blog Makeover!

I have given the blog a makeover, as you can see. I got bored of the old layout because we've had it since day one, which was about 3 months ago. So, what do you think? I'm waiting for Milinesa's reply yet, so, if she says yet, hopefully she can make us a new header. Our current one has gotten boring D:

Don't forget to leave your feedback on the new layout!



Well, I have a FABULOUS new banner made by Milinesa :)
Mhm yeah. Well, A-L has had a stir up recently.
Most of you know about Raw. being emilyjessiebffe.
But more recently, Pokerface1001 or something like that put all of Raw.'s details on her presentation, like her full name, address and what she was doing at that moment.


Haha, yeah.

I've also offered Milinesa a job as being the blog's personal graphics designer.

I've also got a lot to learn still, so I'm gonna figure out how she did that banner like that.

Gabrielle's Trial Post

*Not Sure Of Her Username. Anyways, leave feedback! P.S- These weren't out when she sent the email. I learn now to check the emails every day! P.S.S - I had trouble with the images. Sorry! - Jessica*


Alexander McQueen Shoes And Dress

Wow! This outfit almost screams "look at me" but... has a subtle fierce fashionista vibe. Definitely not for the meek or weak of heart. haha.
For those considering pulling off this fierce and runway-esque look, make sure to tone down makeup and hair. Nude, light colors and a simple "down-do" will keep attention away from your face, and instead give the dress the attention it needs. If you're thinking of bright red lips to match the red on the dress... it's a bit borderline with too much.
PS actually kinda diggin the shoes and lovin the clutch, hope they're not for superstars! *crossed fingers*
What do you think?
Too over the top?
Just right?
Straight out hate it?
Would you buy it?

Navy Blazer, Shoes and bag

Messy, messy, messy. This outfit makes me think of someone who decided to go paintballing in a very cute navy blazer and matching bag. Luckily they left their booties at home because those shoes are killer! They're perfect for fall and the open toed front gives you one last chance to show off that amazing pedicure before winter hits! Navy blue is a very neutral color that goes with practically anything; but the red trim around the top and the front gives the shoes a bit of an edge. These are shoes that go with skinnies or a skirt! :)
Enough about the shoes! Back to the blech blazer and bag.
That boyfriend-trend blazer had some potential to look chic, neat and clean... until the paint splatters happened. Bad idea. The bag is a bit more tolerable, and could be worn with a simpler outfit for some "pizzaz".
What do you think?
Trendy and edgy?
Flat out messy?
Like some, hate some?
Would you buy it?

Black and White Dress

Two random items on the spoiler list. A black fuzzy skirt... with a stringy and droopy hem. Oh dear. This makes me think of a sad, wet muppet. The belt on the other hand, is totally the opposite! (Not muppet, sad, wet or droopy!) It looks classy and the crystal detailing is intricate and refined. This would be the ideal belt to add sparkle and sophistication to a dress or outfit.
What do you think?
Love it or hate it?
Hit or miss?
Would you buy it?

Limited Edition Bags

Stardoll has a lot of new bags for fall!
My personal fav is the orange and red polka dot one- simply delish! The colors are suitable for fall and the square shape paired with the circle polka dots gives the bag a more geometric and outstanding look... In other words the perfect accent to any fall (or even summer!) outfit. It looks chic, professional and cute!
The next bag is reminiscent of the summer animal print trend. Although I don't see it continuing into fall, it's never a fashion faux-pas to have some print on hand (no pun intended). Black and grey/white matches a lot, and for the rocker fashionistas out there, this is your bag!
Again with the paint... This cute mini bag is a tad better than the one we previously saw, but not by much. I feel like the whole splattered paint look could really work, but stardoll has yet to give us an example of that. Next!
The glitter bag! I personally cannot decide how I feel about it. I can see it appealing to those who like the candy-bright-colors-sparkles look. At first glance it's not SO bad and could even be passed as an Elle type exotic chic. But the more I look at it... the more I see the layers and rhinestones and the... extra buckle? Not a fan.
Last but not least a parrot hobbo bag. I've seen some sequin-on-leather bags before that didn't look half bad. This bag doesn't look HORRIBLE, but I wouldn't say buy it either. It had potential to be a trendy weekend accessory, but the "shine details" change the overall look from cute to tacky.
What do you think?
Like some?
Love them all?
Would you buy one?


Friday, August 28, 2009


Arn't these pretty! The first one, is I-Dressup, the second is Stardoll. Hope you like!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


There is a brand-new Animal-Lovers! I also forgot to mention that this morning, Catherine unbanned me from the old animal-lovers just before she deleted it. She told the new owner, emilyjessiebffe when emilyjessiebffe asked if she would like to be manager, "NO! NO! NO! I'LL GO POWER CRAZY AGAIN!!!!!". I am happy that finally, Cath can admit to her actions. I am also ready to forgive her. I hope to have fun in the now A-L, and leave FC for good.

Click to read the article posted on Catherine's blog here.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I'm getting really bored of Stardoll. So I joined You get to make endless amounts of clothes, sell them, design boutiques! There's game's and there are some designer brands on there. My boutuique is here. So you can sign up and join me. It has over 10 million members, and it's all completly free! I'll be posting on here still too :). BTW, The sale's on in Starplaza, but I don't think it's good, so I didn't bother about making a post for it. The Hot buys shirt is out, it's horrible. :\


Tuesday, August 25, 2009


As many of you noticed, I had a drastic change in my medoll.
I made it look nearly identical to me except for the freckles.
I only have about 4 freckles in real life.
For some reason, every time I try to take the freckles off my whole computer freezes.
I'll be fixing that shortly.
The point of this post is that a butt-ugly girl told me my doll was ugly. Check my guestbook.
I just thought I'd let you know that the freckles are just a technical error.
I will look much better without them.

xoxo Jessica oxox

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm Back!

With Yet Another Banner :) So, I was reading the posts, and yes, welcome back Megan. I haven't met her yet, but If Jessica likes her, then I'm sure Megan's nice enough. Oh, I did some graphics a while back and My computer deleted all the rest but one for some reason. Here It is :

It's a bit weird. I think I did Balmian Fall 2009 and fixed her leg so it looked like she was walking. Oh, and for Jessica's Magazine I did a page a while back.

I'm not sure what I did with her arm. Please don't steal my graphics! If you would like them, just please ask and I'll give them to you.
xx, BeccaXD

Friday, August 21, 2009


Well, if my eyes ain't playin' tricks on me, MEGAN IS ON CHAT!
It clearly says Bhappy4_ever.
All I can say is YAY and welcome back :)

xoxo Jessica

Vampire Academy Book Review

I've decided to start book reviews................
I'm reading Night World Volume One at the moment and I'll fill you in within a week!
(I'm a very fast reader)
The best vampire book to ever hit the shelves.

Vampire Academy is the best Vampire book to date.
It is about a young half-human half-vampire girl named Rose who is assigned to be the last Dragomir, Lissa Dragomir's guardian.
She falls in love with a teacher and who knows what will happen in the fourth book, Blood Promise.
I recommend this book for ages 10+ (Mature 10 year olds like me, I mean)
I also recommend it for Twilight addicts.
It can make your addiction go miles away.
(It happened to me!)
So, be sure to read this "Dark and compelling world!" - Gena Showalter

Sorry it isn't that long but yeah.

I didn't want to give too much away :)


Well, in approximately 8 days on the 30th of August, 2009, I will be a member of stardoll for 2 years.
You may be thinking;
Well, whores, I hate to inform you, but I left stardoll for one two three four five six SEVEN EIGHT FUCKING MONTHS!
And finally got bored of club penguin.
I might be hosting a party but don't get to excited.

xoxo Jessica oxox

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

That's it.

I'm deleting the blog.
No one does the competitions.
I'm sick of it.
We have an actual GOOD comp, but no one does it.
You know, I bet you that you wont even reply to this.
So, you have a week to prove that people still read this blog.

I've said all that is needed.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Well, I decided that we should have some comps. We've been a bit boring lately, so, yeah.
The prizes wont be as good as those on Stardoll's Most Wanted but I did my best.
So, what is it? You have to make a face in Dreamface and upload it to tinypic. Post the link in the comments. They will be judged by me and here are the prizes:
1st PLACE: 5 gifts from me or MAYBE a code
2nd PLACE: 3 gifts from me (Or 5 if code can be given to first place)
3rd PLACE: 1 gift from me


xx Jessica xx

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sorry Guys!

Hey! Whatever happened, I am now going on Holiday on Monday, So I'll be posting later on today hopefully. xx, BeccaXD

Saturday, August 15, 2009


We URGENTLY need new writers. It's obvious I can't run the blog on my own........
(See June Posts........) and yeah.
I also tried to visit Courtney on stardoll the other day and her account's gone missing!
And Megan has left for a while and might not be coming back.
I don't know the story with Tayla.
And Becca is on holiday for roughly a week.
So, yeah.
I need not one, but TWO new writers. People, this is your chance!
Email trial posts to and I will judge them. The best two posts get a job. You have two chances if I didn't like the first one.
I'm also waiting for Valarie's sample post.
So, that makes three so it's fair.
I hope to see a full inbox :)

xoxo Jessica

I'll be away guys!

Hey Guys. Sorry, I'll be away on holiday untill the 22nd of August, but when I come back, I'll be posting like everyday!

Friday, August 14, 2009



Well, many of you know I am creating a new magazine called emotion and yeah.

Fayasi is the covergirl.

Just thought I'd show you.

What do you think??

xoxo Jessica

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Okay. Sims-Lovers is a new club on stardoll with no active members but me and Immi.

So, we decided to take it over and run it.

OWNERS: Chinupchick (Immi) and JKAT1 (Jessica)

We promise we wont be strict like Fay.

xoxo Jessica

pixiegirl342 Trial Post: Make A Fake

Jessica Says: Hey guys! PLEASE leave feedback on this post because it could result in her to have a job at the blog!

For those of you who are non-superstar and are dying to have some of those hot superstar dresses, DO NOT worry. I am here to help.I will show you guys some ways to make your own version of Superstar dresses. Kinda like DIY. My first example is the Pretty In Pink Miley Dress

Ok, now i will show the non-superstar version of the dress.

I really think this is a good deal because first you can make your own version of the dress, but also you will have a new top AND skirt to add to you closet! Plus a belt! How better can this get? The items i used to make the fake were- Stardoll V-neck tank - $4 Basics Coral Mini Skirt - $4 Rio Waist Belt - $4 TOTAL= $12! *To really save money you can play the play and earn games and but each item separately.

The Day I got banned from Animal-Lovers.

Gay Fay decided to ban me from her stupid club today because I was sticking up for Immi who got banned for making a joke. Her and Thelina were on the account at the same times and Thelina was making humorous topics. Apparently not for Fay, who has no sense of humor.
I'm not an Immi-And-Thelina worshiper, but I don't believe it was fair they got banned.
And I don't believe it was fair I got banned either.
Fay has decided to go back to her old attention-seeking ways by Banning us.
Strange how Thelina isn't yet banned from Animal-Lovers on her main account.
Now, I honestly can't wait for A-L to be deleted again so Fay can be stripped of her i-know-nothing ownership of the club.
Maybe even I could be the owner of the new Animal-Lovers.

Oh, and, btw, I have a new banner but that isn't important.

Get stuffed Fay, as of today, no one likes you, not that everyone ever did.



Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's Ally time!

Yes that's right! Aly is now LIVE on Stardoll Chat! Click here for a chance to talk to Aly! Oh, New search types are now available in Starplaza! Anyhoo. xx BeccaXD

Little Thing :)

I did this on paint this afternoon, I was really bored.

I now it looks really bad, and i just painted Lenka herself.
BTW, I'd just like to say, can you guys please comment our posts? We kinda put effort into it, so we'd like some feedback. xx BeccaXD

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Live Chat with Aly from Bandslam :)

Yes, 'tis true. Aly will be gracing our screens on August 12Th. THAT'S TOMORROW! Yes Indeed. Get your guitar's ready girls. We be rockin' it with Aly :)


If you haven't heard, the ex - writer for Stardoll's most Hated Website : The Perez Hilton of Stardoll. It's now been revealed that DanPuffs is a girl named Bella. If you want the story, click here. Like the girl I am, I followed the crowd and posted "Hi Bella!" on his/her's guestbook. Sometimes I ROFL at myself :)

Well, as you can see by the banner, I have finally got Century Gothic. I owe this all to my good friend Tayla (eddie_07).
So, no more tanties bout fonts.
Unless I want another one I don't have.

xxx Jessica

Monday, August 10, 2009


Are you the next generation of SEXY, FIERCE stardoll models?
Are you ready to find out??

Beautiful models are needed now!

I have an upcoming project, and only the models know.

Here are the list of models so far:















Click here to apply (You'll find out my project while you're at it!)

xxx Jessica

Extra! Extra! This just in!

It's official. Gabrielle (punkyfish2007) is leaving Its Stardoll Gossip (Click here).
It is VERY new.
I just logged onto ISG, and the post was brand new with no comments.
I was the first to comment, actually.
She will also be leaving stardoll.
Here is the post:

(Click to go to actual post)

xxx Jessiiiiiiiiicaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Old Pictures :)

Hey, do you guys like my new banner? Anyway, just like to re - say, we are looking for new writers! If you would like to write for us here, e-mail us your sd name and a trial post to So, back to my post, I found some pictures I made when we had Sephora and, I think they look really nice :)
What do you guys think? XX BeccaXD