Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Vampire Academy Novel

Well, today I went to the book store and got the latest VA novel, Blood Promise. Remember the VA book review I did? Read that. I'll just tell you a little what BP is about.

Well, Rose Hathaway, the fierce dhampir girl, has traveled to Siberia, Russia, to find the man she loved, who, has been turned evil. She must kill him and respect his wishes. While still alive, and not undead, he told Rose that he'd rather be dead than be one of them. So, now Rose is searching for his home village, in hope that he is looming around that area. She meets Sydney, a human girl that knows about the secret world that Rose lives in. Sydney knows where Rose is looking for. She offers to take Rose there.

And that's about all I've read up to. I'll add onto that description when I read it.



AbZ said...

i would have to say blood promise is the second best of all of them i just finished reading it like 2 days ago and i cant believe the next va book doesnt come out till 2010!!! i cant wait