Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Is Anyone Else Having Problems?

Well, I use Mozilla Firefox. The latest version and um yeah. Stardoll is my home page but for some reason it isn't working. The start page was loading at first but when I tried to log in it wouldn't work, then the start page didn't work at all. I tried using google chrome and it got to the start but wouldn't log in.

Google ChromeMozilla Firefox
And I doubt internet explorer will work if these two don't.

Are You Having The Same Problems?


Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

I'm having issues as well. It seems like a lot of people are atm.

JKAT1 said...

It finally started working after about 2 hours.
It was quite annoying seeing as a friend of mine was holding a guestbook party.
I think it was just an error with the stardoll servers.

BeccaXD said...

No, on google chrome it dosn't work, firefox dosn't work but internet explorer does, just give it some time.

JKAT1 said...

Becca - Now it does. It started working after about 2 hours and stardoll was down completely so only about 500 people were on. And it started working after a few hours.