Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Banner + Stardoll Big Brother!

Check it out, bbyz! I'm gonna do a a better one, though. Pssst..........I made it in paint! I had to get rid of the background of the hair and get rid of the person in it (Yes, I stole it from and then put my medoll in and yeah. I'm gonna have a better try in GIMP later.

Also, about SD BB. I came up with this and I decided I'd give it ago. We have 26 housemates (I know, Huge) and we need 29. So, we need three intruders. Send Big Brother a message saying that you want to be an intruder and why. Click Here to go to Big Brother's Mypage. There will be a "House" with a Diary Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Big Brother Shop, Toilet, Farm, Backyard, Pool, Spa, Workout Space and more. How they get voted off is the thing.
I have divided them into nine groups of three. Points will be rewarded and taken off, like a fine. If they show bad behaviour they get 3 points taken off. They all start with 10 points at the start of each week. The three groups with the lowest points are the bottom three groups. On the Friday of that week, the bottom three groups will be put up on the club poll. By the Saturday night, the group with the most votes are the bottom three. The person with the most votes is kicked out from the club. We will have Friday Night Games and more. I'll keep everyone updated!