Friday, September 4, 2009

2 Things to talk about

Well, I'll get this off my shoulders. There will be a lot of cussing in this post, sorry. It's just that someone that is mentally challenged, fifibannana, has been given the manager position in A-L that she is completely unsuitable for. I almost screamed and ripped my hair off. SHE KEPT DELETING EVERYBODY'S FUCKING POSTS! GET A LIFE, SERIOUSLY! It annoyed the fucking shit out of me and I'm considering telling Catherine. Sounds a little like kindergarten, doesn't it? Okay, so, she said that she'd stop deleting people's posts. Funny how she didn't, though. lainewainy told her to grow up. What did this bitch say back to her? Grow down, of course. Now, I'm going to have a third attempt of posting that bloody smiley saga thingy. If she deletes it again, beware, I might have to put this blog on adult content.

2nd thing.

My friend, tmk07, her main account being eddie_07, logged onto tmk07 today and strangely, it said she was superstar! But when she went to check her account it said she had not purchased any superstar membership. Huh. Maybe it's a glitch and I tell you, she'll be pretty pissed off when it's fixed :)